Building a Tech Center (Completed July 2017)

Our K-12 school asked for a World-Class Library, Computer Lab, and A/V center.  We provided all 3 in a brand new Technology Center. We plastered, painted, tiled, added windows, steel doors, electricity, tablets, laptops, a projector, and a server loaded with educational content (K-12 Math, Science, Biology and Language).  Prior to the Technology Center, less than 30% of 12th graders passed the national exam. But with a renewed focus on math (60% of the test grade), and with the use of self-learning technology and Khan Academy, this last year 100% of 12th graders have passed the national exam!

JBM is a 501C3 Non Profit Organization. Your donation is tax deductible, and you will receive a receipt for your generous donation.

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